Candy Egg Blast

Play the new version of the candy game with candy egg blast. Candy Eggs Blast Link Puzzle Game & Save The Bird Eggs & Let Fly in The Sky A Unique game concept. The mother bird died from the bullet of a hunter and there are many eggs in her nest. So You have to match the right colored eggs to prevent them from getting rotten. If you can match the same color then you can experience the amazing process of baby birds hatching from eggs and setting them free in the sky. Play the game, where you can save those baby birds and set them free in the sky. Lets see how many levels you can complete or how many birds you can set free. Be careful don’t let the birds stay very long in the eggs. It’s not as easy as it sounds, those eggs will rot if you don’t set them free in time. Are you tired of playing the same old games? Try Candy Egg Blast.It has become an addiction for hunters to hunt animals. By destroying the birds’ eggs in the game, it is understood that the animals as well as their young are being harmed by the predators day by day. Play this game to find out how. Play the game, where you will find the eggs of different species of birds that are constantly being destroyed by different predators.Play and find out how! With an egg-shaped blaster, your task is to blast the eggs of afflicted birds with candy and destroy them! Play Candy Egg Blast now for free and see how many levels you can get through. Bored with the games you play every day? Try Candy Egg Blast, a unique game where you can understand through the game that different species of bird eggs are being destroyed by hunters. Play this addicting and entertaining new game today! Have you ever been in an endless search for the perfect game to play? Look no further! Candy Egg Blast is a great new way to spend your time. Bird nests and eggs are also being destroyed in this unique, fun-filled adventure. People are hunting birds to fulfill their desires, but they do not notice that they are killing birds as well as destroying bird nests and eggs. Be careful though because it’s not as easy as it sounds; these birds have many tricks up their sleeves like tricky puzzles or hidden obstacles. so get ready for some action packed excitement by playing now!

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